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Bandit’s first shiny give-away!
Okay! Here it is! 


  • Must be following me, I will check (Please don’t follow then unfollow after the giveaway. I will be doing more of these if this one goes well.)
  • There will be two winners, one will get six and one will get four. If you ask for all of the legends in here when/if you win, I will move on to the second winner. 
  • Do not ask for all of the legends
  • No give-away blogs, please
  • The winner will be selected randomly, don’t schmooze. I will tell the winners they won privately, and if they say yes, I will post publicly.
  • Must have X or Y 

One reblog=one enter. You may only enter once. If you reblog more than once, or like it, that’s fine, but I will be only counting one reblog.

It will end October 1, 2014! I will remind you guys and reblog this a week before!

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